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Workplace Transport Consultancy Service 
We aim to provider a unique service whereas a Consultant will attend your site on dates agreed with you and catalogue you’re Workplace Transport Vehicles. 
• Our Consultant will require to take photographs of the vehicles to ensure that the correct BITA Group is assigned to each vehicle. 
• We will then look at your training records, if permitted? And create a training plan of 1-3 years dependent on what you, the customer requires. 
• Refresher training is normally carried out every 3 to 5 years dependent on the Company’s Standard that is written around A Code of Practice (ACOP) with regard to the subject matter. 
Categorisation of vehicles 
• We will visit your site on a date that is mutually convenient and will be shown all the vehicles used on that site which falls under Workplace Transport. Workplace Transport means any vehicles used on site and not on the highway. 
• Take photo’s (if permitted to do so) of all vehicles so that they can be catalogued. 
• Categorise each vehicle under the BITA Grouping (British Industrial Truck Association). 
Training Records Our Consultant will: 
• View your company training records, if permitted, to establish when each operator last completed their training and the type of training this was. 
• This is important so that we can gauge what theory / practical training that they have received and will enable us to compile a training plan. 
Training Plans 
• Providing all the information obtained from the customer is correct our Consultant can create a training plan over a 1-3 year period. It will give information such as the type of vehicle, operators name and when they require the training by. 
• This will enable you to plan your training into your shift patterns. 
• This will also enable you to ensure that your operators receive the correct accredited level of training prior to their certifications expiring. 
• This will also ensure that you will become legally compliant if either internal auditors carry out audits or if the Health and Executive carry out an audit. 
Delivery of Training 
• S A Associates Management Ltd will then work with you to ensure that the delivery of the training is carried out against the training plan. 
• By working closely with you we can establish suitable dates of when the training can take place on site and what is required for the training to be delivered. 
• Delivery of training will be carried out by ITSSAR Accredited Trainers. 
Completion of training.  
Once the training has been delivered S. A. Associates will provide you with a certificate and a TOPS scheme ID Card for each operator trained. You are required by law to ensure that your training records are up to date and can be produced if audited. 
Please click here for further details of our Workplace Transport Consultancy Service portfolio. 
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