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Hopefully all the information you require is below but if you would like any further information, including the costings for an in-house programme please feel free to contact us. 
The course itself and how it is delivered ensures a fun interactive way of learning about health and safety. The examples and discussion points are tailored to each business and we ensure that a meeting/zoom call is conducted prior to delivery to ensure company-relevant documents and examples are utilised throughout. There are set learning outcomes and objectives however it has always been imperative that each course tackles company objectives - the course has always been about each business and those attending. A lot of effort is put into the course to ensure that everyone participates throughout. Group sessions are an important part of this and everyone learns an enormous amount from each other. The course starts with a gentle introduction to health and safety and builds up the foundation of hazards and risks. As we have delivered this course over the years it's clear that although many candidates have a basic understanding of hazards/risks and the risk assessment process they lack a clear understanding of its foundations. As soon as they appreciate the background everything else falls into place and makes sense. 
This course provides time for discussion and the unpicking of health and safety law and terminology utilising well-known case study examples as well as tackling and demystifying CDM (Construction Design Management Regulations). The benefits of the course have been clear to see over the years. Not only does it bring the candidates together in a room for three days and gives them time to reflect on their work processes, but it also brings sensible health and safety to the forefront of discussions. It provides a friendly and relaxed delivery to consider new ways of working that save time but manage health and safety that benefits everyone in the business. 
Feedback from the course has always been extremely positive. We all leave the course having had a few laughs along the way but learned so much to take back to the workplace (our trainers included). All of which will improve safety in the workplace as well as providing an efficient process that doesn't rely on reams and reams of paperwork but manages safety in a proportionate way. 

IOSH Managing Safely in Exhibitions and Events 

Ideal for event managers, floor managers, duty managers, organisers and anyone with operational responsibility or safety input for exhibitions / events / shows & productions 
This is an IOSH Accredited version of the world-renowned IOSH managing safely course, which has been thoroughly tailored to the particular interests of the events sector 
This means the course is: 
Approved and certified by IOSH, and delivers the IOSH Managing Safely syllabus with permitted input using events and exhibitions examples throughout, and focusses on events and exhibitions issues such as crowds, temporary structures, showstop, fatigue, music, alcohol & drugs, weather, contractors etc. 
We address hazards in depth appropriate to the needs of the particular training group. 

Time Commitment 

The course lasts three days and includes some overnight project work with delegates completing a workplace-based risk assessment. 


Assessment is by the workplace-based risk assessment and an end-of-course 45 minute multi-choice examination. Delegates who attend all the modules and score 60% or more in the risk assessment and examination will receive their personal Managing Safely in Exhibitions and Events certificate from IOSH, the world’s largest health and safety membership organisation. 


This course also acts as a wonderful foundation from which to progress to the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety & Health (NEBOSH) National General Certificate. 

Attendance Options 

You can attend this course either by booking onto one of our open/public courses via our tutor led webinars which are delivered periodically throughout the year, or we can come to you at your place of work as an in-house programme. If you have 5 or more people who want/need to have this training, it can work out more cost effect to have us come to you. 

The course includes: 

Building H&S into event management 
Controlling stress and fatigue 
Your H&S responsibilities as an E&E manager 
Crowd dynamics 
Managing clients and contractors 
Temporary and inflatable structures, and the weather 
Communication and consultation 
Special effects, pyrotechnics, music 
Risk Assessment and management 
Floor Planning 
Accident investigation and Reporting 
By seamlessly integrating health and safety into your project management, E&E will boost your capability and your team’s capacity: you’ll be freed to be a more creative and productive manager of successful events.  
On conclusion of the course delegates will have improved appreciation of health and safety management, and will be able to confidently manage their E&E health and safety issues in a more integrated and proactive way. 

Here are some of the comments from previous delegates who have attended -  

Karen was marvellous, so much knowledge and experience making the course very interesting with activities. - Premiership Football Club 
Excellent course where the tutor worked well with the group . He understood our needs and the concerns for our specific venue. Although there was a set timetable he took time to support the group and develop our knowledge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Chris Fowles, Match Safety Manager 
A comprehensive course which was enjoyable and informative – it’s given me a greater understanding of H&S which I now use regularly in events and my day to day job. “John Watson…making Health and Safety fun” - Elisabeth Cook, Events Executive 
I thought the course was really well run by Jon. He was informative and kept a group of us engaged in what can be known as a boring topic. Very useful and relevant to my work place. - Olly Kohn, Director 
The tutor was great at putting across H&S in line with what our venue requires. An enjoyable course with a mixture of interactive and written learning. - Joanna Debs, Stadium Manager 
A thorough course covering all we need to know in Event Health & Safety. John Watson was spot on! - Maxim Kohn, Director 

New Interactive Webinars 

For in-company groups we do have additional availability. Please see course calendar for course timings and dates for 2023/4. The cost per delegate to attend an open course is £998.00 + VAT 

Looking for an in-house course or to attend a local programme... 

IOSH Managing Safely in Exhibitions and Events 

SA Training offers an IOSH Managing Safely in Events and Exhibitions course, which is specifically designed for individuals working in the events and exhibitions industry. The course is available both online and in-person, providing flexibility to suit the needs of participants. 
The IOSH Managing Safely in Events and Exhibitions course covers a range of topics that are relevant to the industry, including the legal framework for health and safety, hazard identification and risk assessment, and incident investigation and reporting. The course also includes a module on event planning, which provides participants with an understanding of how to plan for health and safety in events and exhibitions. 
The course is delivered by experienced trainers who are certified by IOSH and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in health and safety management in the events and exhibitions industry. The trainers provide practical insights and examples that are relevant to the industry, ensuring that participants receive training that is tailored to their workplaces. 
Participants who complete the IOSH Managing Safely in Events and Exhibitions course receive an IOSH certification, which is recognized globally. The certification provides evidence of the participant's knowledge and skills in health and safety management in the events and exhibitions industry, and can be used to demonstrate their commitment to health and safety to potential employers or clients. 

IOSH Course Cost 

The cost of the IOSH Managing Safely in Events and Exhibitions course varies depending on the delivery method and location. However, the cost of the course is competitive and provides value for money given the quality of training provided. 

IOSH Webinars 

In addition to the course, SA Training also offers IOSH webinars that cover specific topics related to health and safety management in the events and exhibitions industry. These webinars provide participants with a more in-depth understanding of particular areas of health and safety management, allowing them to apply this knowledge in their workplaces. The webinars are delivered by experienced trainers who are certified by IOSH, ensuring that participants receive high-quality training. 

IOSH Managing Safely Training 

SA Training also offers in-person IOSH Managing Safely in Events and Exhibitions training, which is delivered by certified trainers at their training centres. The in-person training provides participants with an opportunity to interact with other learners and engage in hands-on activities that reinforce their understanding of health and safety management in the events and exhibitions industry. 
For further information on our courses and pricing structure, please call one of our training advisors on 01539437436 or use our enquiry form

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