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It’s designed to give managers all they need to know to help them handle health and safety in their teams. The flexible new high impact programme covers all the main health and safety issues, and includes a session tackling the environment too. Managing safely can be delivered over consecutive days or on single days in one week. There are 8 highly interactive modules as follows:- 

Introducing Managing Safely 

Managers are accountable for their teams; this module looks at the moral, legal, and economic factors that should be considered when managing or supervising people. 

Assessing Risks 

This module defines ‘risk’ and ‘risk assessment’. It guides delegates through the all-important Risk assessment process in a fun and simplified way. Delegates then carry out a series of practical risk assessments relevant to their working environment. 

Understanding Your Responsibilities 

This module looks at the demands of the law, and how the legal system works and introduces a Health & Safety Management System. 

Identifying Hazards 

All the main issues any operation has to deal with are covered in this module. Entrances, exits, work traffic, fire, chemicals, electricity, verbal and physical abuse, bullying, stress, noise, housekeeping and the working environment, slips, trips and falls, working at height, manual handling and computers. 

Controlling Risks 

This session tackles cutting risks down via the IOSH Hierarchy of Control. Delegates will be able to identify the best techniques to control key risks and how to choose the right method are covered in this module. 

Investigating Accidents and Incidents 

Why accidents should be investigated, why things go wrong, and how to carry out an investigation when they do. 

Measuring Performance 

This module explains how checking performance can help to improve health and safety. Delegates learn how to develop basic performance indicators and get to grips with auditing and proactive and reactive measuring. 

Protecting Our Environment 

A short but effective introduction to waste and pollution leads into a look at how organisations and individual managers can get involved in cutting down environmental impacts. 


Delegates who successfully complete the written and practical assessments at the end of the course are awarded an IOSH certificate in Managing Safely 
Those who complete the IOSH Managing Safely, with the correct position within their organisation can then attend the IOSH Leading Safely as a natural progression in health and safety training. 

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