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This project’s primary aim was for contractors to undertake their designated tasks in a safe and proactive manner. This was defined as the ‘determination and belief that no-one should be injured or suffer ill-health in the course of work activities’. The course can be applied to any construction situation.  
It features the use of the point of work assessment STAARR (Stop, Think, Assess, Act, Report and Review) and TASK (Think first, Act safe, Stop if hazardous and Keep safe) card. This is a simple dynamic risk assessment system used on DWP JCP projects, where contractors or suppliers through the life of programme have not adopted their own system. The course is in line with the existing ACoP and Guidance for the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, which links to other legislation in requiring co-operation and co-ordination is carried out. As with the ‘4 Cs’ from HSE’s ‘Working Well Together’ Campaign, this course encourages participants to capture and apply the ‘9Cs’ (Communication and Consultation enables Co-operation, Co-ordination, Collaboration, Control and Competence, establishing a Culture and Commitment at all levels). 

Aims and objectives 

The objective of the course is to enable delegates to, by the end of the course: 
list the basic legal duties of employers and employee 
define hazards, risks and control measures 
list possible causes of accidents 
appreciate the link between attitude and behaviour 
appreciate the costs of poor safety performance 
appreciate the benefits of good safety performance 
putting ABC into practice using the STAARR and TASK card 
successfully complete the course assessment. 
The course is designed to provide delegates with an understanding of how attitude, behaviour, communication and worker engagement at all levels can help prevent the chances of accidents occurring. 


Open Programme: £165 + VA T per person (fully inclusive of registration, certification, and course materials) 
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