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Incident Controller Training 
During any emergency situation, whether it is a Fire, Bomb, Gas leak etc. Every Business needs teams of people to perform certain roles, such as Fire Wardens, Security, Facilities etc., but ultimately there must be one person to manage the Incident and take charge outside or inside or just being the person who needs to liaise with the Emergency Services. 
Are you ready to deal with every reasonably foreseeable serious and imminent danger? 
When does a something become an incident, and when does an incident become a crisis? Explore the boundaries and develop clarity about your escalation points. 
Incidents are often pure chaos: learn how to find out what’s going on, quickly make the right (even courageous) decisions, and be confident you can defend your decisions later. 
Achieve timely, efficient and accurate communication with relevant parties that meets their different needs and avoids common pitfalls 
Stress will stop people seeing, hearing and, most importantly, thinking. After this course, you’ll be able to keep people calm, quick and clever. 
Explore the variety of incidents your organisation might face, and recognise the ways that criminals use human behaviour to maximise harm - so that you can beat them at their own game. 
Be ready to learn from the incident as soon as it is over. 
On completion of the course, delegates will: 
Understand the role and responsibilities of an incident controller 
Understand the principles of incident management 
Appreciate incident stressors and act to reduce their effect 
Designed to enable the employer to deal with Crisis Management Situations and be able to understand the roles of key staff in an emergency situation. The Incident Controller Training course is tailor made to the specific risk, delivered by expert staff with many years’ experience gained within the Fire Service. 
The Incident Controller is responsible for overall management of an incident and will focus on the co-ordination of the Fire Wardens and the Health & Safety of all staff at the incident. 
The Incident Controller Training course covers subjects which include: - 
Why do we need an Incident Controller? 
Deterioration of an Incident. 
The role of the Incident Controller. 
The role of other key staff. 
Different types of Incidents 
The Premises 
Practical Exercise. 
As this course is not generic, we would consult with you to discuss your current emergency procedures as the course is based on each company’s requirements. Aim at Managers /Supervisors 
All consultants hold professional membership of the chartered Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). 
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