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Course Objective: 
Transforming the sector into a modern, resource focused model requires new thinking; new skills and operational practices. Understanding the new behaviour and culture changes required will be an important role for leaders and future leaders. The course explores how leaders of a modern waste site need to act and behave as it comes under scrutiny on a global scale. The course will challenge the traditional way of delivering a waste service from collection and transportation of unwanted items to landfill into a new world of reuse and remanufacturing. Analysing value chains and identifying what needs to take place to maximise the performance of a site to achieve the new models; technological changes? Skills and training? New markets? Processing capability? Key skills including change management; behaviour, customer service and an increase in quality and project efficiency 
Learning Outcome: 
Refine personal leadership role in the company and in the wider sector engagement; 
Understand what good bad and excellent leadership looks like; 
Set the agenda and actions that will affect real behaviour change in the leaders 
Leadership strategies for driving an integrated waste management service; 
Understand where the Malaysia fits in terms of the waste models. 
Analyse the changes in waste volume, markets and the challenges. 
Understand the Impact of social changes on the sector; 
Understand the regulation in the local and global context; 
Identify the competence required for the changes and challenges in the sector; 
Waste Sector and its regional and global impacts: e.g. climate change and ocean pollution. 
Course Content 
The volume and type of Waste: impact on the sector and its environment. 
From landfill to recycling: what is next? 
Waste Data: impact on decision making 
Role of Regulations: current and future impact 
Waste Management Sector and other environmental Aspects: SDGs, Climate Change, Ocean pollution 
Communication and collaboration with stakeholders 
Scenario of Malaysia; its growth over the last 20 years; what the next 20 years looks like – economic and resource management challenge and how we will drive changes in Malaysia 
Workforce: skills and competence in the Waste Sector and for the future needs 
Course Structure 
Tutor led session 
Leaders shaping the day through presentations, Q&A and challenging each other in debate 
Strategic and operational planning sessions 

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