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3/4/5/9/10/11 November 2021 
Afternoons 14:00-17:30 
6 session on each day. 
01539 437436  
(Calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes) 


The population of UK Diabetics has more than doubled since 1996 with the onset of signs and symptoms that are a consequence of our lifestyle and, for the majority of us, can be reversed 
This course aims to equip delegates with fundamental easy to understand facts around what diabetes is, its impact on the lives of Diabetics and those around them and everyday treatment. 
Interactive taught session. 
1 Complete Day. 
Each Training Day will be 7 hours minimum contact time 
Half Day sessions being a minimum 3 hours of contact time. 
Who should attend? 
This session can be tailored to the needs of family, friends or informal carers as well as Health Care professionals; Health Care Assistants, Support Workers, Carers, Senior Carers and Nurses. 
What’s in it for me? 
As learning outcomes, after your session is complete you will be able to: 
• Understand what Diabetes is, the common signs and symptoms that send people to the GP in the first instance and the long-term consequences to health. 
• Describe the function and origin of Insulin in your everyday life. 
• You will have gain a robust understanding of the link to diet, lifestyle and the signs and symptoms that have health care experts concluding we are seeing new cases of Diabetes on an epidemic’ scale. 
• Recognise a Diabetic crisis and know how to respond appropriately. 
• Measure your own blood glucose levels using a blood monitoring device. 
• Understand the process of administering Insulin and the current technological advances happening to make that more tolerable to patients. 
As part of the full day programme, health care professionals will look at: 
• Care planning for person centred care in Diabetes. 
• Explore in detail common health complications associated with the condition. 
• Practice administering Insulin. 
• Examine different insulin regimes as prescribed to real patients and what clinicians are aiming to achieve. 
• Recognising and dealing with common diabetic emergencies, including the use of Hypo-stop and the administration of intra muscular glycogen. 


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