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Course Objective: 
The course introduces the basic principles and structure of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda. It gives insight on aligning to corporate strategies and objectives; setting sustainable development goals targets and action plans and adopting those across the company. 
Learning Outcome: 
Understand how to link an organisation’s strategy with Sustainable Development Goals; 
Understand how to operationalise sustainable development targets and indicators; 
Understand how to operationalise circular economy principles to achieve a sustainable development transition. 
Course Content 
Key Global Challenges 
The basis of sustainable development; the challenges in theory and practice. 
Background on the SDGs and the development 
SDGs Goals, targets and indicators system. 
The National Commitment of SDGs 
Fundamental principles of sustainable consumption; consumption and the Circular Economy; 
How SDGs can be linked to your company sustainability policy and strategy 
Course Structure 
Tutor-led session 
Workshop activities 
Game-based learning 
Discussion board 

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