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Course Objective: 
Delegates will gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the global best practice in reducing and managing waste production; ensuring it protects the environment, its people and the communities it operates within. Strategic leaders will be informed to make changes that improve operational performance and identifies best practice. Working in teams and individually, thought leaders would work to create environmental solutions that will protect and sustain the environment for future generations. 
Learning Outcome: 
Strategic overview of the challenges and opportunities derived from the changing face of the waste and resource management sector in Malaysia and globally. 
Overview of Waste and Resources in the different sectors. Why should we segregate waste? 
Gain knowledge and understanding of the Circular Economy; its risks and rewards. 
Know the pillars of competence; best practice in Health and Safety, Environmental Protection, Legislation and the specific Industrial Waste Streams 
Course Content 
Waste Management Around the World 
Defining the meaning of Waste 
What is the meaning of “Sustainable Waste Management “? 
The Waste Hierarchy 
From waste to resources: link with The Circular Economy Business Model 
Waste Management Treatment Technologies: An overview 
Course Structure 
Tutor led session 
Workshop activities: Analysing, debating and preparing information on best practice 
Action planning 

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