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Course Objective: 
Increase the knowledge, understanding and best practice in the management of industrial waste; benchmarking against systems in other countries across the globe whilst analysing where they currently position itself. The inspectors will be challenged to develop a quality led and standardised approach to inspection and management of operators. Importantly; studying the direction of the industry as it moves rapidly to a resource focused sector encouraging reuse; redesign and remanufacturing, moving away from a throwaway society. 
Learning Outcome: 
Understand the role of the industrial sector; benchmarking models of waste management across the UK, Europe and the Malaysia. What is ‘waste’? 
Understand the definitions of waste and how this impacts collection, monitoring and processing in the Malaysia, UK and the EU, what is the “Duty of Care” Concept. 
Investigate, analyse and understand the difference between hazardous and non-hazardous industrial wastes 
Explore the journey of waste in the industrial sector; generation, handling, storage, treatment and final disposal. 
Explore other waste streams such as medical and radioactive. 
Investigate and analyse ‘industry leaders in waste and resource management’ to agree to a definition of ‘best practice’ 
Explore treatment technologies for industrial wastes. 
Explore key drivers in the industry: Health and Safety, Legal Frameworks, Export, Import, and Statistical Analysis of the industry = volume of waste. 
Set a clear action plan for standardisation and improvements, developing targets and a model to roll out across Malaysia 
Course Content 
History of waste definition and management; 
The transformation from Waste Management towards Resource Efficiency and the Circular Economy in the industrial sector; 
Industrial Waste Management from the producer perspective: generation, storage and management; Hazardous and Special Waste: how the industry deals with an industrial sector type of waste in comparison to non-hazardous waste; 
Industrial Waste Management and enforcement: the principle of industrial inspection on waste management. 
Course Structure 
Tutor-led session 
Data and Tools for Problem-solving 
Team working / workshop sessions 
Action Planning and Goal setting 
Discussion board 

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